Sunday, June 23, 2013

Styling Challenge: The Ankle Pant


Hello pretty girls! This is the first blog post of a styling series I'm introducing with my sister, Norma. We are going to style the same trend pieces our way. We both have distinct styles and body types, so it will be interesting to see what we come up with. I want to provide variety for you all because we are not all the same size. My personal mission is to inspire all of you to love yourself the way you are, because we are all beautiful and special. I want to talk more about this in a future blog post because I have a lot in mind! So watch out for that.

Meanwhile, in this post Norma and I styled one of the biggest summer trends, "The Ankle Pant". We styled them casually for a comfortable and eventful day. Norma's style is usually more simplistic than mine, but likes to showcase unexpected elements to her outfit. Here she accessorized her outfit with 2 thin belts, one turquoise and the other purple. It's the perfect touch to add interest and variety of color to a neutral grey pant. (Isn't she adorable!) In the other hand, I decided to go bold by pairing a vintage floral top with an already bright pair of pants. Also, I though it would be a cohesive touch to add a floral statement necklace in gold to neutralize all the colors on the shirt. I hope you all enjoyed this first of many other fashion pairings we will tackle.
♥ Laura

What Norma wore:
Ankle pants- New York & Company
Lace trim neon pink tee- H&M
Sandals- Old Navy
Belts- Old Navy

What I wore:
Ankle pants- New York & Company
Floral top- Vintage
White tank- Loft
Gold floral necklace and earrings- Charming Charlie 
Sunglasses- Dockers
Neutral wedges- Impo

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