Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feeling like an Indian Princess for a Day

Hello pretty girls, 

I am very excited to share this outfit with you all today. I attended my first Indian/Mexican fusion wedding last weekend. It was so much fun! I bought my first " Indian outfit", which was an experience in itself. If you all haven't been to a Indian/Pakistani boutique, you should. The outfits and accessories are breathtaking and colorful. Warning: You will get overwhelmed! Thankfully there is a lot of help! I do have some tips to share so I'll save them to the end for those of you who are interested. The outfit I am wearing is a ANARKALI SALWAR. There are so many different styles of ethnic outfits. While on my search, I determined that I really liked this beautiful teal color and wanted elegant beading in the front, but not excessive. That made my search a lot easier and surprisingly, was able to find my perfect dress after 5 stores and in about 2 hours! That is pretty amazing, mainly for an experience I had never encountered before.  


Now for all of you that are interested, here are some shopping tips that I learned:


1. ALWAYS negotiate prices. I was told that these boutiques raise the prices because the customers always negotiate, and will never pay the full price. 

2. Have a budget in mind because you can easily pay more than what you expected. You can even let the sales people know your range so they will show you outfits in your budget. 

3. Do not go alone, take a friend to make the choosing process easier. I mean, we all need a second opinion and the sales people will only tell you how good you look, even if you don't (yeah it happened to me haha, thankfully I had someone with me ;-) ). 

4. Another tip is to have something already in mind. There is a rainbow of colors and styles, so if you don't have a slight idea of what you want, you will get dizzy in confusion. (I literally started getting a headache, until I determined characteristics I liked). 

5. Determine your size because styles are "one of a kind". Once you know your size you can quickly find styles in your size and not look through all the others, and possibly find something you like, without it fitting. Ahhh the nightmare! 

6. With that being said, they do alterations, mainly free! So if an outfit is a little tight, or too big, it can possibly be altered for you! 

I hope I could help a little and you all enjoyed a differently styled outfit post! Don't be afraid to try something different and out of your comfort zone. That goes for everything. ♥ Laura

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